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Flora Terra

Santa Rosa
1825 Empire Industrial Ct. Suite A

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At Flora Terra, our respect for cannabis sativa is untapped. We admire the plant’s resiliency to thrive, its ability to heal and soothe, and the inspiration that cannabis provides across the globe. With collective backgrounds in healthcare and renewable energy, we were organically drawn to cannabis cultivation years before California legalized a massive recreational marketplace. As compliant medical marijuana farmers under Prop 215, we learned to respect the plant and the earth, as well as the humans consuming our flowers. Today, we are proud to synthesize our passion and experience in Flora Terra, Sonoma County’s newest destination dispensary. With the highest standards in quality for cultivation, manufacturing, and extraction, we offer California’s most innovative and responsible cannabis brands and products. But we are so much more than a store. 

At Flora Terra, we turned the old school dispensary model on its head by curating a space for education, connection, and style to flourish. Located in the resilient and beautiful neighborhood of Santa Rosa’s Coffey Park, Flora Terra is an expression of our community, our values, and our future. Engineered with the highest standards in green building, Flora Terra was designed to stimulate relaxation and creativity. Stepping away from decades of secrecy and stigma, the environment at Flora Terra is inviting, open, and educational. An organic space where friends can gather, Flora Terra showcases premium edibles, topicals, extracts, and flower from California's best craft cannabis brands. 

Always farmers at heart, we are still proudly cultivating our own premium flower with proprietary methods from seed to sale. When visiting Flora Terra, take a peek at our babies growing safely in our nursery using cutting edge cultivation technology like LED lights and vertical farming. At Flora Terra, we believe in working in harmony with our environment to create the best possible products and experience for Sonoma, for California, and for you. 


WE ARE OPEN!! Not sure what you want? Call us for a consultation and recommendations. Feel free to order ahead, call us when you arrive, and we will bring it out to you for curbside pick up. We appreciate your business!

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