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Hazy Bulldog Farms

1243 Mono Way Sonora

['storefront', 'pickup']

Hazy Bulldog Farms is located in Tuolumne County, Sonora Ca. We are located in between Gus's Steak House and Mc Donald’s on the lower part of Mono way. We are the first Cannabis company that has a contract with the city of Sonora in 163-year history in this county! We are breaking down the stereotypes that have plagued this county and are bringing people together. We focus on helping people don't have access to medicine and bringing a better quality of life to the county. 



Our prices are all tax included, so what you see is what you pay! No gimmicks just quality medicine at an affordable price. At Hazy Bulldog you only pay 7.75% Sales Tax compared to the common 30 % sales tax in Rec Shops. Hazy Bulldog farms is dedicated to bringing a safe, high quality and affordable cannabis experience to the Sonora foothills. Patients will enjoy top grade flowers, portable vape pens/carts, delicious edibles, and CBD that is always in stock.

10% discount to all first responders and veterans.

10% discount to seniors

10% discount on birthdays

15% discount when you bring a friend

|Discounts and Daily Deals cannot be combined|

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