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LB Collective

(562) 422-0011
Long Beach

['storefront', 'pickup']


CBD Sunday - 15% Off All CBD Products

Munchie Monday - 15% Off All Edibles

Topical Tuesday - 15% Off All Topicals

Wax Wednesday - 15% Off All Wax (Not Vapes)

Thirsty Thursday - 15% Off All Drinks

Flower Friday - 15% Off All Flower 

Shatterday - 15% Off All Extracts (Not Vapes)

RECREATIONAL | 21 w/ Valid ID -

MEDICAL | 18 w/ Valid Rec -

LB Collective is a Licensed Marijuana Dispensary in the city of Long Beach. Our Collective is the home of Top Shelf Cultivation and has over 600 menu items. Our knowledgeable, friendly team creates an amazing marijuana experience. LB Collective supplys Long Beach and surrounding cities with the cleanest, highest-tested meds. We have consistant products on our shelves so that you know how it will make you feel every time. Come join the LBC family and let us take you on a cannabis journey to wellness. 

** Prices Do Not Include Tax **

Tax Will Be Added To Menu Price

Instagram - @LBCollective_

Facebook - LB Collective

Yelp - LB Collective


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