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Medcare Farms

Lake Elsinore
29395 Hunco Way

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Our facilities and cannabis product breadth serves a wide range of customer needs with a direct focus on quality, price point, technology, service, and excellence. Medcare Farms provides premium cannabis flowers cultivated with a combination of passion and meticulous craftsmanship formed by years of experience.

Our flowers provide a consistent experience upon which all patients can rely. With Medcare Farms, quality comes first.

Our Mission:

To become the communities trusted partner in cannabis lifestyle management. To remain Meticulous. Innovative. Community Focused. And committed to improving the quality of life to people near and far. 

Our History:

Medcare Farms is veteran owned and was established in 2009, founded by a husband and wife duo after experiencing the life-enhancing effects of medical cannabis firsthand. 

In 2008 Garin, the husband and Chairman/CEO, was in a devasting motorcycle accident which left him in constant pain. Throughout his treatment, Garin noticed the prescribed pharmaceuticals had depleted his quality of life and were slowing changing who he was. He turned to medical cannabis as an alternative and immediately found the relief he was searching for without the side effects and constant feeling that he was losing himself.  

The newfound interest turned into a life-long mission, the couple launched Medcare Farms, and put all of their time, energy and finances on making cannabis available to as many in need as possible.

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Who We Are:

Medcare Farms is one of California’s leading, craft-cannabis destinations. We are centrally located in Southern, California, specifically in the heart of Lake Elsinore. Our team is relentlessly dedicated to providing medical and recreational consumers with the highest quality, lab-tested cannabis, service and innovation possible. Medcare Farms remains focused on serving our customers and community by offering delivery, express pick-up options and on site education about the benefits of cannabis.

Our passion is simple and intentional, improving the quality of life for people near and far. We have become an industry leader in proprietary, indoor cultivation techniques, strain development, education and curated craft cannabis.

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