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MMD Marina Del Rey

Los Angeles
13356 W Washington

['storefront', 'pickup']

We are a Cannabis collective that welcomes both 18 medical marijuana patients as well as 21 adult-use cannabis consumers.(Passport Book is required for internationals as a form of identification)

Established in 2019 MMD Marina Del Rey begun a mission to provide the highest-quality products to our customers. Working closely with our community of cannabis consumers, helping better understand the overall cannabis needs of our clientele. Our menu of Verified Weedmaps products is laced with the top industry brands like Sessions, Nug, Inhalence, Cream Of the Crop, Select, Kiva, and more. See for yourself what sets MMD Marina Del Rey apart from the rest. 

Be safe. Be legal. 

 We accept cash / Visa & Mastercard debit. ATM located on site. *debit require 4 digit PIN* 

MMD Marina Del Rey operates in full compliance with California Proposition 215 and Proposition 64.

Express Pick Up and Delivery available on our website.


Now offering Express Pick Up and Delivery!


*promotions subject to change *while supplies last

We are a fully licensed Recreational & Medical Marijuana store located in the heart of Marina Del Rey on Washington Blvd across the street from Costco. 

*We accept Visa & Mastercard Debit*

*Debit Processing Requires 4 digit PIN*

*$2.50 Fee for Debit*

*Debit Processing Requires Charge to nearest $5 with change returned*



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