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Shango - Moreno Valley

Moreno Valley
11875 Pigeon Pass Rd Suite C-1

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Shango produces, distributes and sells a full range of superior cannabis products, including flower, concentrates, vape cartridges and cannabis-infused edibles. The Shango brand is a recognized leader in the cannabis industry, marketplace and media. We are a leading advocate for the safe and responsible use of cannabis products. We set the standards for product quality and consistency, customer experience, regulatory compliance, and ethical business conduct by which all other cannabis brands are judged.


Shango owns and operates state-of-the-art cannabis production facilities in Nevada and Oregon, as well as retail locations in Las Vegas, Portland, Michigan and California. Many Shango products are also available at select retailers throughout Nevada and Oregon. We are in the process of expanding our cultivation, processing and sales operations into California, Missouri, Arizona and other emerging state markets.

Shango Moreno Valley Opens March 5, 2020!


With its friendly small-town vibe and big-city buzz, Moreno Valley is one of the coolest and hottest zip codes in The IE. This diverse and growing community has everything from great shopping and dining, to music and museums, to thousands of acres for outdoor adventures and relaxation. Best of all, Moreno Valley now has its very own Shango store. What else could you possibly need?


Shango MoVal is our first dispensary in The Golden State – the launching pad for our planned full-scale conquest of the biggest cannabis market in the U.S. Shango is ready to bring the finest cannabis products and accessories, and, of course, Shango’s bomb MoVal merch to Riverside County’s residents and students. And we back it up with our helpful, knowledgeable people and a stellar customer experience that’s right at home in Moreno Valley.

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