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Tahoe Wellness Center

South Lake Tahoe
3443 Lake Tahoe Blvd.

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Our mission is to show that cannabis is a positive part of a community and when embraced by society it creates far more good then harm, proving what is a decades long failed policy of criminalizing cannabis. As we have evolved over the past decade we have created a vertically integrated model that has allowed us to continue our compassionate model while maintaining a viable way into the future. We are licensed as a Cannabis Micro-Business by the State of California. That license type comprises four uses of which we have been licensed by our city to operate since 2011. It all began with cultivation, as our experience began in the late ninety's in Mendocino County. We evolved in 2009 from the farm into a retail operation in South Lake Tahoe, we immediately created in house cultivation and created a licensed extraction facility. This license also comprises in house distribution within the new California regulations. Tahoe Wellness Cooperative has a licensed farm in Mendocino county where we produce some of the highest quality sun grown cannabis in the world. We have been producing cannabis at this farm since 2005. Tahoe Wellness Center supports the cottage industry of cannabis, and will continue to support small farms while preserving the true spirit of cannabis, with our number one priority of ensuring there is safe access to quality cannabis for our community! On April 11, 2019 we made our first adult use sale and are now open to anyone over 21!

Tahoe Wellness Center was founded in 2009 and has served the medical cannabis patients of South Lake Tahoe as a compassionate cannabis cooperative. Tahoe Wellness Center has operated with compassion at the core of our mission, this has enabled us to fund programs for low income and terminally ill patients. Tahoe Wellness Center also funds a community center which has free services that are open to the greater community of Lake Tahoe.  

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