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TLC Collective

Los Angeles
3650 E. Olympic Blvd (4th Floor)

['storefront', 'pickup']

In order to enter the facility, ALL First Time Medical Patients and Renewals must present a physical copy of a California Medical Marijuana recommendation and valid state ID.

All Returning Patients may bring their valid government issued ID along with a medical card or a copy of their medical recommendation. Medical recommendations must be present on each visit in order to be let back as a medicinal patient; digital recommendations are not accepted.

All Recreational consumers must bring a valid form of a government issued ID and be over 21 years of age. We do not accept broken or cracked ID's. The only acceptable forms of IDENTIFICATIONS will now be condensed to FEDERAL IDENTIFICATIONS, PASSPORTS, AND STATE IDENTIFICATIONS. We DO accept interim or temporary identifications.

TLC PARKING* is available behind the Food 4 Less. *Please note that TLC is not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles.

EXPRESS LINE (In Store ONLY): Once in the express line, a patient MUST know exactly what he/she wants or provide their budtender with a list of the products they desire. The list cannot exceed 2 OUNCES of flower. Patients are prohibited from viewing or smelling any product in the Express Line.

CASH ONLY - All Sales Are Final. Tax Included In All Prices Unless Stated Otherwise.

Attention Online Orders: When placing an online order you can not add product to your order once arriving for pickup. Orders will only be held for 3 Hours Maximum if not your order will be canceled.

Home to the Jungle Boys, Oil Refinery Co., Jungle Boys Rosin and Jungle Boys Full Melts, Toluca Lake Collective also known as TLC Collective provides medical and recreational cannabis in Los Angeles, CA. Shop a huge variety of Jungle Boys Flower, Oil Refinery Co., Jungle Boys Full Melts, Jungle Boys Rosin, and a wide selection of other leading premium quality cannabis products.





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