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A Green Alternative

San Diego
2335 Roll Drive

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At A Green Alternative (AGA) we serve both customers who are under a physician’s care that have received their MMIC card (see below) and adult (over 21) customers. Our medicinal cannabis customers suffer from many illnesses such as arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, MS, cancer and nausea.

We want to thank all of our current customers for their continued patronage and support of our delivery service. We believe the success of our mission as a delivery service is due entirely to our customer access to a consistent range of top quality products at affordable prices. In addition we also contribute our success to an incredible assortment of edibles, concentrates, and herb, coupled with our 100% total customer satisfaction guarantee, complimented by our professional and experienced staff.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the San Diego community while providing our customers with the finest care, in a friendly, secure and compassionate setting. Whether you choose to visit our dispensary or you prefer to have your medications discreetly delivered, we pledge to continue to serve you as your green alternative.

A Green Alternative™ is a marijuana dispensary with the mission of creating professional and safe atmosphere with laboratory tested cannabis products.

We are into mutual contract with big field farmers and we can supply over 100 pounds.

You can text ( 443 ) 684-7961

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