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(916) 553-2420
1716 J Street

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We are devoted to helping customers and medical marijuana patients improve their quality of life. Fully compliant with California Proposition 215, the Cookies staff is educated and experienced. We are committed to providing friendly, professional service and are always available to answer follow-up questions by phone, email, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.



We stock our shelves with nothing but top-quality cannabis products. Specializing in concentrates, this Sacramento dispensary carries the largest selection of extracts including shatters, sugars, sauces, and diamonds! We also carry medicated brownies, cookies, gummies, sour candies, chocolates, and many more tasty treats!


Cookies offers a 10% discount for veterans and seniors. Currently we are only accepting cash, with an ATM onsite.


Location Information:

Sacramento lies at the junction of the American and Sacramento Rivers in Central Valley, California.  Named “America’s Most Diverse City” by Harvard University’s Civil Rights Project, Sacramento serves as California’s capital and home to the California State Capitol Building. This prestigious, government building serves as both a museum where visitors can experience California’s rich history and witness the lawmaking process and as the state’s working seat of government. Sutter’s Fort is a historic park that once served as a 19th Century agricultural and trade colony in the Mexican Alta California province and was associated with the California Gold Rush. From the junction to the historical agricultural colonies, Cookies is dedicated to their patients and customers, providing safe, accessible cannabis products.


Cookies Sacramento provides the finest cannabis with truly unique strains, and profiles. Our location is a judgment free environment where our customers are encouraged to find the best product for their individual needs.

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