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(818) 352-3388
7132 Foothill Blvd.

['storefront', 'pickup']

 We are all about helpfulness at Foothill Wellness Center. Whether it is helping to guide our members to the right remedy, helping the community through a charitable cause, or helping your pocketbook through a deal or promotion, we want the opportunity to assist you.

When you communicate your wellness goals to us, it is up to the Foothill Team to work together to find the exact product to match your needs.

At Foothill Wellness Center, we believe our best can always be better; improvement is always something we strive for!Must bring a copy of rec. and a valid ID on every visit. 

We take a patient-centered approach to wellness; which guides all of our business practices.  Our patient-centered approach allows us to keep our donations low and makes helpfulness a key part of our value system and our culture.

We want our members to trust us with their wellness goals. It is up to us at Foothill to create an environment that enhances communication, builds trust, and develops our patients into regularly retuning members of Foothill Wellness Center.

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