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HOTBOX San Diego

La Mesa
8260 Parkway Drive

['storefront', 'pickup']

Now Accepting Debit Cards**


When you walk into a HOTBOX store, you walk into the end result of 20 years of dedication to plant medicine. That’s 20 years of legacy cultivation that were spent with you in mind, and the benefits our cannabis could offer you.

It all started with a single goal: to put happiness in a box. After two decades in the California cannabis industry, our founders launched our flagship brand, HOTBOX. We spent most of those two prior decades perfecting our process and fine-tuning our indoor farming before we made things official. Finally, we decided that the best way that we could share our experience was to bring it from that indoor farm, straight to you. The patient. The customer.

In a HOTBOX store, you not only have access to our own farm-to-head products, but also a curated list of products we believe meet the same standards to which we hold our own homegrown flower. We also have a stellar staff educated on these standards, ready and willing to walk you through each purchase. Welcome to the fam! We can’t wait to serve you.

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