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Natural Healing Center - NHC

Grover Beach
998 Huston Street

['storefront', 'pickup']

All of our products are pre-packaged and lab tested with each product's lab analysis on each package. In addition, each product is displayed so that each one of our patients/customers are able to see and smell the product before purchasing.

Discounts are available for First Time Customers, Seniors, and Veterans. Join us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest news and specials.

Important Notice: 

Prices currently include California's 15% excise tax but not sales taxes.

Welcome to Natural Healing Center (NHC). We strive to promote the best in quality, cleanliness, and superior purchase experience. Visit us today.

Licensed for Adult Use 21 and Medical 18

Quick Promos:

10% OFF For All First Time Customers (15% off Seniors - First Time Only)*

10% OFF For Veterans and Senior Members (Ages 55 )

Happy Hour : 7-9AM & 2:20-4:20 - 10% OFF*

Loyalty Program for Returning Members: Purchase 2 eighths receive 5% off*

Purchase 4 eighths (1/2 oz.) receive 10% off*

Purchase 8 eighths (1oz) receive 15% off - Mix and Match allowed!!*

Referral 10% OFF for the existing member who referred someone as well as the new patient (Both must make a purchase).*

*Discounts can not be combined and do not apply to already discounted products.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

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