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ShowGrow - San Diego

San Diego
7625 Carroll rd

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“The Perfect Balance of Body and Mind.”

For us, it’s more than a name. It’s more than a slogan. It’s what we strive for in every strain we grow and every product we make.


From our plant genetics, to our commitment to hand crafted, natural growing, to our state-of-the-art facility, everything we do is designed to give you cannabis with the balanced benefits you want. Our staff is fully equipped with the education for you in order to keep you coming back!


The company is targeting a general demographic, aiming to appeal to anyone who wants to use cannabis medicinally or for relaxation and recreation.


We strive to provide accurate information to our consumers, therefore, we update our weedmaps menu once a day. If you are looking to place online express orders, we have a live menu at


*All Menu Prices are before Tax*

Best Prices in San Diego! Now offering Delivery! (restrictions apply)

BaM San Diego operates in full compliance with California Prop 215, Prop 64, and Prop 65.


ShowGrow San Diego powered by BaM is a Medical AND Recreational (Adult Use) Cannabis Dispensary located next to the pyramid off of Miramar Road in San Diego, California


We gladly accept guests 18 with a Valid Govt issued ID Dr. Recommendation OR any one 21 with Valid Govt issued ID.


We now accept debit cards!

We have an ATM on site as well.


*Prices on Menu are ALL pre-tax*

*We Accept Debit Cards*


Adult Use/Recreational Members Tax Rates : Local County Cannabis Tax 8%, State Excise Cannabis Tax 15%, San Diego Sales & Use Tax 7.75%


We are pet friendly!


*Practicing all COVID-19 necessary safety precautions"

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