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Eureka Sky

San Francisco
3989 17th Street

['storefront', 'pickup']

Located in the Heart of the Castro

Located in the heart of the Castro, Eureka Sky is a premier San Francisco recreational dispensary of cannabis and CBD products. Our individual approach is unique to each visitor and we take our time so you can understand the benefits of each product you purchase. Educated staff equals educated customers. With an abundance of products on the market, we are committed to provide information that is safe, effective and reliable.


Here at Eureka Sky, we are here to open your insights to the world of cannabis. Our goal is to provide you with a contemporary, easily accessible and forward thinking experience. With a team of trained staff to guide you down any desired consumption path, we will find products that are most suitable for needs. 

We understand each individual is unique and has a variety of outcomes they’d like to achieve. We hope after your visit to Eureka Sky, we not only satisfy your individual cannabis needs but build a personal ongoing relationship. 

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