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Transferring to Pots

Transferring your baby plants into a bigger pot will be a necessary step during the growth process. This is required in order to provide more space to the plant's roots, allowing them to spread more widely. This will prevent root tangling (rootbound), increase your plant's eventual yield, and give it access to more nutrients. 

Clay Pots

01 When to Transfer

You likely started your plants in a small pot or even a cup, and after about 3-4 weeks they are sure to outgrow their container and be ready to transfer to larger pots.

02 Your First Transfer

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For your first transfer, you can move the plant from your first container to a 3-gallon pot being careful not to damage the root system. If you have any additional soil amendments or root growth promoters like mycorrhiza now would be the time to add them.

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Trowel and Soil

03 Another One?

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If it has been 4 weeks since your first transfer and you notice your plants are growing very quickly, you may need to transfer them into even larger pots like 7-gallon pots. Generally, the root systems of plants expand outward about as far as the branches reach, so if your leaves are starting to hang over the side of the pot too much, you may be close to needing a larger pot, as your roots are still trying to grow outwardly. 

04 Final Checks

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Make sure the pot you transfer into is sufficiently deep for your plant's roots and has adequate drainage so your roots don't rot. Perform your final transfer 2-4 weeks before entering the flowering stage. You will likely only need to do this 1-2 times total depending on the size of your plants.

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