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  • The mouthpiece of my vape is broken, what should I do!
    We have addressed these concerns with our supplier and ordered more durable vape mouthpieces. If this issue still arises for you don't hesitate to send us a message from our homepage, we will send you a few new mouthpieces free of charge so you can have spares in case it ever happens again!
  • Blinking light, non-working battery.
    When you inhale and the light blinks instead of glowing, this means the battery is dead. We recommend charging for 15-30 minutes before trying again. Be sure to test different chargers and ensure the light is glowing while the battery is charging. If the issue persists please return to the retailer from which the product was purchased in order to receive an exchange.
  • No Airflow - Vape not hitting - Oil Clog
    This is one of the most commonly occurring issues with vapes across the whole market. When you inhale and there is no airflow, this means the airflow chamber has been obstructed by oil, we have compiled several ways to help mitigate this issue. If one method does not work, test the next until the issue is resolved. -To prevent: Store vape at room temperature vertically, avoid keeping up-side-down for long periods of time. Let oil settle to bottom of cartridge before attempting the following solutions. 1. Alternate forcefully inhaling and exhaling (like CPR) through the mouth piece to clear clog. 2. Warm oil slightly to increase viscosity of oil, making easier to clear. Briefly set in warmer area like window sill or use hands (body heat) to warm the oil for several minutes before retrying method one. 3. Insert paper clip or toothpick into mouthpiece to attempt to clear oil clog manually. Then inhale to test is clog has been cleared.
  • Leaking Vape
    There could be a few things causing your vape to leak. First inspect the cartridge through the window and determine if it has been cracked or damaged, if so discontinue use to avoid risk of shock and address the concern with the retailer of origin. If the clear plastic cartridge is in tact inspect the seal between the body of the vape and the mouthpiece, there may be an imperfect seal causing leaking, if so, carefully remove mouthpiece and silicon seal. Clean these pieces and the body of the vape using a damp rag or Q-tip with Isopropyl Alcohol, then reassemble and allow to dry for several minutes before use.
  • Do you ship/deliver?
    Currently, our products are only available through our partner retail locations. We never ship any product direct to consumer, do any sales outside of CA, and only do business with licensed retailers and distribution companies
  • How can I carry Eighth Brother in my store?
    You can contact us via the link below, or go to New Shop Sign-Up, under the contact tab on our website.
  • What's your refund policy?
    We follow CA state regulatory policy regarding all refunds and returns. Once the product has been transferred to the retailer we can no longer offer refunds or exchanges directly to customers. In order to receive a refund or exchange please return to the shop the product was purchased from with the receipt. We always try our best to resolve any issues our customers have with products, if you weren't satisfied by your experience, please contact us and let us know. §15410. Customer Return of Cannabis Goods. (a) For the purposes of this section, “customer return” means a customer’s return of cannabis goods that were purchased from a licensed retailer, back to the licensed retailer from whom the cannabis goods were purchased. (b) A licensed retailer may accept customer returns of cannabis goods that were previously sold to a customer. (c) A licensed retailer shall not resell cannabis goods that have been returned. (d) A licensed retailer shall treat any cannabis goods abandoned on the licensed retailer premises as a customer return. (e) Defective manufactured cannabis products returned by customers to a licensed retailer may be destroyed or returned to the licensed distributor from whom the cannabis goods were obtained. Authority: Section 26013, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Sections 26011.5, 26012 and 26070, Business and Professions Code.
  • What's the difference between Indica and Sativa?
    There are some key differences Sativa and Indica plants. Traditionally, Sativa plants grow taller and skinnier and have lighter, airier nugs, these plants typically have a more uplifting effect. Indica plants conversely are shorter and stockier, and bare denser heavier nugs, these plants' effects are typically slightly stronger and more likely to cause drowsiness. Occasionally, these differences can be very pronounced and can cause the affects to be just as pronounced. However, the differences are usually minor and sometimes even unnoticeable. The majority of the products on the market are some form of hybrid, making true Indica and Sativa flower more rare. If you would like to read more about the distinctions between these two types of plants you can check out the article below.
  • Indoor VS Outdoor
    At Eighth Brother we believe in the power of the sun! Outdoor flower is generally regarded as inferior to indoor cannabis, while this can be true in many cases, it is by no means a rule of thumb. Not only is growing outdoor better for the environment, it also utilizes the full spectrum of light available from the sun granting higher yields and more in depth flavor profiles than indoor cannabis. At Eighth Brother we believe these added benefits of growing outdoor far outweigh the costs. By utilizing state of the art techniques like assisted lighting we mitigate many of the downsides growing outdoors. If you want to learn more about some of the differences between growing outdoor vs indoor you can check out the link below!,the%20energy%20required%20to%20grow.
  • How do I know my cannabis is safe?
    At Eighth Brother, we take great care to ensure that all of our products are free from harmful chemicals or contaminants. Our testing standards guarantee that all your bud is accurately dosed and completely safe for consumption. If you would like to know more about a product specifically, there are QR codes on every bag we sell that will link you directly to the Certificate of Authenticity, which will contain all of the potency and chemical testing available for the product. If you have any further questions about our testing methods or the safety of our products you can contact
  • Edible Ingredients
    Our edibles are made from the highest quality ingredients available. All of our edibles are Vegan and Gluten Free. You can find a list of our edible ingredients and nutrition facts below. *Note: The Just Weed Gummies will also contain cannabis infused coconut oil.
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