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Farmacy Berkeley

3243 Sacramento St

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Established Roots.

Modern Brand.

When Sue Taylor, her Son and Daughter-In-Law founded iCANN in 2009 it was with the vision of opening a community dispensary focused on helping seniors. By educating seniors on how the therapeutic benefits of cannabis could improve their quality of life she began to dispel the stigma.

Now, that mission takes its next leap forward with the opening of Farmacy Berkeley, a partnership between the iCANN team and the Glasshouse Group, an experienced, trusted name in the California cannabis industry. Our shared goal is to provide safe and sustainably grown cannabis to consumers in a warm and welcoming environment.

“Farmacy Berkeley will be known for the most up-to-date cannabis education, high-quality products, caring staff and a safe place to consume medicine.” 

-Sue Taylor, iCANN & Farmacy Berkeley Founder

Driven by Quality.

Built on Community.

At The Farmacy Berkeley, we want to help our customers feel and live better through healthy and natural solutions rather than by pharmaceutical means. Our ‘farm over pharmacy’ mindset informs our dedication to offering carefully curated cannabis products as opposed to the mass-produced alternatives. We believe our products can meet the wellness goals and interests of a wide range of customers— from young adults looking for affordable, quality products to support relaxation, stress reduction, and fun to mature visitors looking to address specific wellness goals. 

More than anything, we believe in trusting our individual customers to know how best to care for themselves. Our mission is to act as a partner, leading individuals to the cannabis products that will meet their individual interests, dosage levels, and goals. We also seek to be a partner for the community as a whole, giving back more than we receive and being active in helping shape the future of Berkeley for the better.

Our team considers everyone who visits the Farmacy — from hobbyists and enthusiasts to the newly canna-curious — to be our neighbor.

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