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Metro Cannabis Company

6492 Florin Perkins Rd.

['storefront', 'pickup']

Weedmaps Mobile Orders and Express Phone Orders will be taken from open (10 A.M.) to 7:30 P.M. Daily deals will not be reflected on the price given on Weedmaps, rather you can call into the store for your total (after placing you order) or we will let you know the total once you arrive. Please allow 20 minutes for phone orders to be fulfilled.

**Curbside orders will not be fulfilled past 6:00pm for everyone's safety. Thank you for your understanding**

OUR LOBBY IS OPEN ONCE AGAIN! We have put safety measures in place to ensure that we can operate beyond a curbside-only mode again. Our customers safety is our number one concern and we would not take this step unless we are 100% certain of this.



Monday: All concentrates (not including cartridges) are 10% off

Tuesday: Happy Hour (10% on whole order) 12pm to 3pm

Wednesday: All edibles are 10% off

Thursday: All cartridges are buy one get one 25% off

Friday: All indica (including hybrid-indica) flower is 10% off

Saturday: All sativa (including hybrid-sativa) flower is 10% off

Sunday: Eighths highlighted by Budtenders as picks of the day, will be 10% off

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